Studio fun

My friend Molly (aka my favorite second shooter) and I realized that we both don’t have any good professional photos of ourselves.  We decided that this needed to be fixed pronto, so we booked an awesome studio in downtown Grand Rapids, MI and played models for an hour.  Well, sort of. We aren’t that serious of people, so it was more goofy off than anything.  There were two swings in the room, so who could blame us.  My girl Molly was nailing it though.  The ones with her sitting on the blue couch are my favorite.

After we left the studio, we decided to do some exploring.  We were located in an old rundown warehouse type area and us being photographers, we think ugly is beautiful, so we had to get some photos.  We ended up finding this old underground tunnel that was super creepy.  As I was recalling all the horror monster movies I have ever watched, Molly volunteered to walk down it first.  I eventually followed suit only because the lighting was really epic down there.  In the end we ended up getting awesome photos both inside and outside the studio.

All and all, it turned out to be a great time.  We already agreed that we would go again sometime soon and get more photos.


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